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Take off Ibiza with Parasailing

Effortless floating above the sea during golden sunsets is a nice way to delight in Ibiza's San Antonio Bay

Take off Ibiza with Parasailing
Take off Ibiza with Parasailing

Considered one of the most exciting of Ibiza's activities—parasailing is also a relaxing and effortless form of entertainment. You can just sail into the open sea in a charter boat and then take off with a friend 400 m high above the blue glittering water while enjoying the views of Ibiza's beaches, particularly San Antonio Bay. The 2 hour parasailing trips are twice as spectacular at sunset. The service is offered during the months of May to October.

Practical info

What is the altitude that can be achieved on a parasailing excursion in Ibiza?

When taking part in a parasailing excursion in Ibiza, it is possible to soar to around 400 meters above sea level, providing fantastic views of the area's breathtaking beaches, and other stunning features. Most trips can be customized to your preferences, so you can enjoy the experience just the way you like it making it one of the most thrilling of Ibiza's activities. Show more

What are the types of views that may be enjoyed while taking in a parasailing excursion in San Antonio Bay?

San Antonio Bay is well-known for its crystal clear, turquoise waters, and stunning beachfront locales. While enjoying a parasailing trip from San Antonio Bay, you can take in some of the most breathtaking, unparalleled views of the flat seafront area, the surrounding cliffs, and plunge into the inviting waters with the setting sun augmenting its beauty. Show more

Is there an age limit for parasailing?

Generally, there is no strict age limit for taking part in parasailing in Ibiza. That being said, minors under 18 will be required to be accompanied by an adult, while pregnant women, persons that have had heart conditions or surgery, and anyone else with an underlying medical condition, are discouraged from taking part in parasailing activities as a precautionary measure. Show more

How long does parasailing usually last?

On average, a parasailing trip in Ibiza lasts for approximately two hours. This includes the duration of the trip, which includes boarding the parasailing vessel, safety briefing, and actual time spent on the adventure into the skies mode. Every operator has their policy and trip duration, which you must check before booking. Also, inquire about any surcharges concerning trips that last longer than the average. Show more

What safety guidelines are observed during parasailing trips in Ibiza?

Parasailing in Ibiza can be a safe activity when the proper safety precautions are followed. Every parasailing operator must adhere to strict safety guidelines set by the relevant regulatory authorities. Before parasailing, all parasailing participants would receive ample safety guidelines from certified guides. Once in the air, participants would be appropriately harnessed to the parasailing equipment alongside required safety gear. Additionally, operators ensure the periodic testing and maintenance of equipment to limit risks of mishaps. Show more

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