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Strøm Festival 2022

The top electronic music festival in Scandinavia invades the city of Copenhagen for an entire week

Strøm Festival
Strøm Festival

For a whole week in summer, electronic music is celebrated all over the city of Copenhagen. Concerts, raves, master classes, and other events, many of which are free by the way, take place at numerous venues. In 2014 there were 30 venues, the number has doubled by 2017. A week-long celebration all over the city culminates with the final two-day party in Enghaveparken in Vesterbrø. Strøm lineups include some renowned names from Denmark, Europe, and other parts of the world, such as Robert Hood, Flying Lotus, and Robin—just to name a few.

Strøm is particularly cherished by those who dislike staying at muddy campsites typical for the majority of mass outdoor festivals. The attendees will have enough time to not only enjoy the best of the electronic scene but also explore the neat capital of Denmark.

The Copenhagen Electronic Music Festival was founded in 2007, since then the fast-growing festival has been held annually in early August. Today, everybody knows it as the best festival of electronic music in all of Scandinavia.

Since the events take place all over Copenhagen, the most convenient location for your hotel would be somewhere in the downtown area. This will ensure that you can get an easy access to most of the venues.

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