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Dyrehaven (Deerpark) in Copenhagen

An ex-royal hunting ground is now a great place for deer watching

Dyrehaven (Deerpark)
Dyrehaven (Deerpark)
Dyrehaven (Deerpark)
Dyrehaven (Deerpark)
Dyrehaven (Deerpark)
Dyrehaven (Deerpark)

Back in 1669, King Frederik III decided to create a deer hunting ground on a hilly area north of the city (probably the only hills you'll see in Copenhagen). After more than a hundred years the place was opened for public. Now it's inhabited by around 2,000 deer which are very easily found and are the main attraction of the place.

Although the deer of Dyrehaven are quite used to humans, they're not tame so you should admire them from distance, try not to scare them (because it causes stress for the animals) and definitely do not feed them. If the deer become tame, they won't be scared of humans anymore and so the gamekeepers will have to kill them because deer are big animals and they can cause harm to the visitors.

In the heart of the park, on the highest hill, the Eremitageslottet or the Hermitage castle is located. It used to be the king's hunting lodge.

Since the park is large, the perfect way to move around is a bike. Dyrehaven has a system of trails linked in star shapes, which was designed to make keeping track of the dogs while hunting easier.

As the deer park is best explored on a bike, we suggest to visit it during the warmer months, namely between May and September. However, if you prefer taking pictures of deer with great antlers, it's better to visit the park in autumn-winter. They lose their antlers in March-April.

Practical info

What was the reason behind creating Dyrehaven?

Dyrehaven was created by King Frederik III in 1669 as a deer hunting area in North Copenhagen, to keep the deer hunting tradition alive to avert population decline. It wasn't open to the public for more than a century and was used for royal hunting purposes only. At present, around 2,000 deer roam across Dyrehaven freely. Show more

Where can we find Eremitageslottet or the Hermitage castle, and what can visitors do there?

Eremitageslottet or the Hermitage Castle is an important landmark located at the center of Copenhagen’s Dyrehaven. The castle is a historical hunt lodge and can be explored by visitors who are interested in learning about its history. The surrounding gardens and pathways provide a mesmerizing view of the park encompassing the castle. It is a great place for those looking to spend quality time with family and nature. Show more

What is the most recommended way to visit Dyrehaven?

For those interested in exploring Dyrehaven at a leisurely pace, cycling is the most recommended way to do so. There is an extensive network of trails in the park that connects in a star formation, designed for ease of dog tracking during hunting. Cycling is recommended as it saves time, and visitors can cover more ground and spot more deer. However, walking is another alternative that is suitable for those who enjoy a slow-paced visit, although it takes more time. Show more

What is the best time to visit Dyrehaven for deer watching, and why?

The best time to see the deer in Dyrehaven depends on the kind of deer experience one expects. If you are interested in antlers, which the deer shed in March-April, autumn-winter months between September and February are the best times to visit. However, if you want to capture the warm and brighter months, May-September is the perfect time. Visitors can explore the forest, spot deer, and enjoy their day on a bike. Show more

What are the reasons behind not feeding the deer in Dyrehaven?

Feeding the deer in Dyrehaven should be avoided to avoid causing stress to the animals. Taming them would make them less afraid of humans, leading to an increased risk of accidents. This practice can be detrimental to the visitors' safety and can result in the gamekeepers killing the deer. Some food items do not suit deer's digestion and can cause severe health issues, resulting in agony and ultimately prove fatal to the deer. Show more

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