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Diving in Ibiza

Over a hundred diving sites with a variety of Mediterranean underwater wonders will fulfill the dreams of even the most demanding divers

Diving in Ibiza
Diving in Ibiza

Most of Ibiza's diving centres are located in and around San Antonio Bay and Eivissa and meet the needs of every diver from beginner to professional. Crystal clear Mediterranean waters are perfect for exploring the underwater world which includes rich marine life, submerged caves, and ship wrecks. Particularly, in 2007 a huge cargo ship Don Pedro sank near the coast of Ibiza and since 2008 she has been renowned as a recreational diving site. Divers revel in Mediterranean underwater journeys mostly in summer time from early April to late October.

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What is the best time of the year to go diving in Ibiza?

The summer months of April to October are the ideal time for diving in Ibiza due to the clear Mediterranean waters. Divers can partake in a wide range of activities from wreck to cave and deep dives during this season. The marine life under the Mediterranean is also spectacular during this time. Show more

Where are the best diving sites located in Ibiza?

There are numerous diving sites in Ibiza, but the most popular ones are in the San Antonio Bay and Eivissa areas. Shipwrecks, rich marine life, and submerged caves are just some of the wonders you can expect. Among these are the Don Pedro, a large sunken cargo ship, and many more. Show more

Are there diving centers in Ibiza that accommodate beginner divers?

Diving centers are available in Ibiza and cater to everyone from beginners to professionals. Certified instructors offer guided dives and professional training. Other services, such as equipment rental, are also available in centers such as Dive Center Scuba Ibiza, Hippocamp Ibiza, and Subfari Ibiza. Show more

What kind of marine life can be found when diving in Ibiza?

Divers exploring hundreds of sites in Ibiza can see various species of Mediterranean marine life such as groupers, octopuses, and rays. The marine life isn't the only attraction, though. Submerged caves, rocky formations, and shipwrecks, including the famous Don Pedro, beckon diving enthusiasts for an unforgettable experience. Show more

How can I book a diving excursion in Ibiza?

Dive centers such as Dive Center Scuba Ibiza, Hippocamp Ibiza, and Subfari Ibiza provide booking services online or in person. You can select from a range of diving activities tailored to your experience level, including deep dives, cave dives, and wreck dives, with the guidance of certified instructors during your unforgettable experience. Show more

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