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Craft Beer on the Waterfront in Copenhagen

Of course, there's Tuborg and Carlsberg. But there's also something much more interesting

Craft Beer on the Waterfront
Craft Beer on the Waterfront
Craft Beer on the Waterfront

Denmark is famous for its craft beer and with the craft beer tourism becoming more and more popular, the country has won itself one more major attraction. Small breweries that tend to experiment a lot open everywhere around town. Most of them offer unique handmade blends of sorts that usually are limited. There are numerous bars and pubs that offer their own 'home-brewed' beer. The small breweries also offer bottled craft.

Undoubtedly, the best time to enjoy a refreshing pint of beer is summer. And with Copenhagen beeing essentially an island, probably the best idea would be to find a pub in the waterfront or just grab a couple of bottles with friends and find a cosy quay. By the way, drinking beer in public places is allowed in Denmark.

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