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Christmas Cliff Diving in Ibiza

Bring your Christmas outfit and festive mood and join the group of jolly Santas jumping from the cliffs

Christmas Cliff Diving
Christmas Cliff Diving
Christmas Cliff Diving

Christmas in Ibiza drives people mad: Santa-Clauses and other typical Christmas characters jump frantically from the cliffs of Sa Punta in Talamanca. If you want to join, dress up into some funny costume and go ahead. Instructors provide the novices with all the necessary instruction before jumping.

If you prefer to watch the show at a distance, still come in your Christmas outfit to merge with the colourful mass. The Annual Christmas Jumping starts at 1 p.m. on the 13th of December and the merriments include festive treats and musical entertainment.

Practical info

When does the Annual Christmas Jumping event happen in Sa Punta, Talamanca, Ibiza?

The Annual Christmas Jumping event in Ibiza occurs every 13th of December, beginning at 1 p.m. It is an event that has become an Ibiza tradition and is a must-see attraction. Visitors are recommended to come early to get a good spot to watch Santas jumping off from cliffs and avoid the crowd Show more

Where is the location of Sa Punta in Talamanca, Ibiza?

Sa Punta is situated in Talamanca Bay region, one of the most popular parts of Ibiza and located in the Balearic Islands. With its crystal-clear waters and rocky cliffs, the area offers a beautiful view of the Ibiza scenery. There are also several restaurants, bars, and other amenities to make visitors have a more pleasurable stay Show more

What is the process of participating in the Christmas Cliff Diving in Ibiza and what do people need to wear?

One must first arrive at the designated area near Sa Punta and register with the organizer to join the Christmas Cliff Diving event in Ibiza. Participants have to wear Christmas-themed costumes along with their diving attire. Before the actual jump, jumpers receive a brief orientation for safety reasons. Carrying a waterproof camera is recommended to capture the event Show more

What are some frequently seen Christmas costume ideas that people wear to the Annual Christmas Jumping event?

Joining the Christmas Cliff Diving event also requires catching the festive mood by dressing up in Christmas-themed costumes or clothing. Some of the well-known dress-up ideas that people wear include Santa Claus, elves, reindeers, or Christmas trees. The sky is the limit when it comes to dressing up, and it is an opportunity to have fun in these festivities Show more

Besides the cliff jumping event, what other activities can people participate in during the Annual Christmas Jumping event in Ibiza?

Apart from the main attraction, which is the Christmas Cliff Diving event, the Annual Christmas Jumping event in Ibiza features a variety of things to do. Attendees can relish some of the festive treats, musical interludes, and some Christmas souvenirs. They can also buy some Christmas decorations from vendors at the Christmas markets which will help to further heighten their enjoyment. The event is an all-day event to let people take ample time Show more

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